Interesting places in Linlithgow

A small selection of the many places and opportunities that may interest you to include in your customised tour of Linlithgow;

      •  Linlithgow Palace, the birth place of Mary Queen of  Scots.
      •  Union Canal , experience a leisurely cruise into the  Royal Burgh.
      •  Gain an insight to the amazing Life of Mary Queen of Scots.
      •  Linlithgow Story Museum, experienced Linlithgow’s excellent Museum.
      •  Scottish Garden Rigg, appreciate, and walk through, the wonderful garden
      •  Linlithgow Loch, enjoy the view and feed the Royal Swans.
      •  St.Michaels Church, appreciate the wonderful interior of this magnificent Church.
      •  Canal Museum, visit the only one in Scotland at the Manse Road Canal Basin.
      •  See and hear about the towns Doo’cot, Provost’s Lamp and Cross Well.
      •  Find out why the locals are proud to be called ‘Black Bitches’.
      •  Visit the site of the first ‘gun murder’ in Scotland.


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      • Yes, a guided tour of the Royal and Ancient Burgh of Linlithgow, once the Capital of Scotland, is certainly something you should arrange with Linlithgow Tours.